Nature Avenues – Utpalle

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“Nature Avenues Sandalwood Farms” in Narayankhed, Utpalle Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, covers 50 acres of prime farmland dedicated to red sandalwood cultivation with advanced drip irrigation. It’s an opportunity to invest in sustainable agriculture and a tranquil rural lifestyle.



“Nature Avenues Sandalwood Farms” is a prestigious project spanning 50 acres of prime farmland in Narayankhed, located in Utpalle Village, Nagalgidda Mandal. This venture is dedicated to the cultivation of high-value sandalwood, meticulously managed with advanced drip irrigation techniques. Beyond the promise of a profitable investment, this project offers a serene escape amidst the greenery, promising a tranquil lifestyle close to nature. It’s a harmonious blend of sustainable agriculture and peaceful living, perfect for those seeking the beauty of sandalwood farmland in an idyllic rural setting.


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