Invest In Commercial Properties

Revolutionary, Real Estate investment!

How it Works?



Select from fractional investments properties & earn best rental income.



Decide investment amount and invest through a fully digital process.


Earn Rent

Earn passive monthly rental income directly to your bank abbount!



Sell your share in the property for a substantial profit whenever you desire!

Stable Monthly Income

Own pre-leased commercial real estate on long leases with MNC tenants and earn from monthly rental income and property appreciation. Invest in high yield debentures with regular interest payouts. You earn passive monthly income.


Breaking the entry barriers

Our marketplace offers you access to Alternative Investments in Real Estate through Fractional Ownership starting at 10 lacs. Diversify easily across real estate like office, holiday homes, commercial spaces and others.

Easy exits

Our secondary market provides a platform to resell your investment, facilitating liquidity creation and portfolio re-allocation. Leveraging our advanced technology, we match bids to your offer, while our comprehensive historical resale data ensures that you maximize your returns and leave no cash on the table during the resale process.

Collaborate, Invest & Partner in LLP

Invest by collaborating with other investors and becoming a partner in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)



LLP Formation

Property Registration on LLP

Rent share to all Investors

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What is

Fractional Property Ownership?

Fractional property ownership, also known as fractional ownership or shared ownership, is a concept where multiple individuals collectively own a property. In this arrangement, the property is divided into fractions or shares, and each owner holds a percentage stake in the property.


Property Types

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