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Invest ₹5 Lakhs today with Nature Lifespace and earn ₹15,000 per month until you choose to withdraw between the 5th and 25th month.

Payout Option

You can withdraw your investment at any time between the 5th and 25th month from the day of the initial investment. Both the principal and interest amount will be paid in full on the desired month of payout. There will be no monthly payments provided.

Investment Security

All your investments are secured with a 605 sq yards land at the Nature Lifespace project at Royals Farm, as outlined in the MOU. The land will be reclaimed by the company on the day of payout.

Secure Investment Opportunity: Invest ₹5 Lakhs and Double Your Investment in 25 Months with Nature Lifespace

Are you in search of a secure and profitable investment opportunity that guarantees a doubling of your investment in just 25 months? Nature Lifespace presents an exclusive investment plan where you can invest ₹5 Lakhs and witness your investment grow to ₹10 Lakhs within 25 Months, all while having the security of a registered 5 guntas land at Ghanpur, Kangti mandal, Narayankhed.

Investment Plan Overview:

Investment Amount: ₹5,00,000
Return: Upto ₹10,00,000 (Upto Double your investment)
Duration: 33 Months
Security: Registered 7 guntas land at Ghanpur, Kangti mandal, Narayankhed

Assured Income Structure & Payout:


Payout Month & Amount to be Paid

1. Month 5: ₹5,75,000 payout
2. Month 10: ₹6,50,000 payout
3. Month 15: ₹7,25,000 payout
4. Month 20: ₹8,00,000 payout
5. Month 25: ₹8,75,000 payout

(Principal amount & Interest)

Why Choose Nature Lifespace?

– Secured Investment: Your investment is backed by a registered 5 guntas land, providing you with a secure and safe investment opportunity.

– Nature-Focused Investment: Nature Lifespace emphasizes investments in eco-friendly and nature-centric projects, contributing to sustainable development.

– Assured Income: Enjoy guaranteed payouts at regular intervals from the 5th to the 25th month, ensuring a steady and predictable income flow.

– Limited Units: Only 42 units are available for investment, making you part of an exclusive group of investors, enhancing the exclusivity of your investment.

– Profitable Returns: Double your investment in just 25 months, providing you with a lucrative return on investment.

Investment Process:

1. Initial Investment: Invest ₹5,00,000 to secure your spot in this lucrative investment opportunity.

2. Unit Allotment: Receive a confirmed unit of Land 605 SqYards allotment at Ghanpur Village, Kangti Mandal, Narayankhed in the Nature Lifespace project.

3. Payouts: Starting from the 5th month, enjoy payouts as per the assured income & Payout month chosen by the Investor (given below).

4. Final Payout: Between 5th – 25 months (as per mou), receive the final payout of up to doubling your initial investment by Returning Land to the company.

5. Additional Charges: Registration charges in the Initial time should be borne by the Investor only. All interest amount would be paid after deduction of 10% Taxes on the Interest amount only.

Act Now and Secure Your Future!

Don’t miss out on this incredible investment opportunity. Invest ₹5 Lakhs and watch your investment grow up to ₹10 Lakhs in just 25 months with Nature Lifespace. Act now and secure your financial future with a safe and profitable investment backed by a registered 5 guntas land. Reach out to us to secure your unit and embark on a journey towards financial success and security.

Terms & Conditions apply | Amount invested in Nature Lifespace contributes to the development of the projects and is utilized for purchasing property for upcoming projects.


Ram has invested ₹5,00,000 and chosen an option to withdraw the amount on the 10th month. He will receive ₹6,50,000/- on the 10th month (₹5,00,000 Principal & ₹1,50,000 Interest). On the same day, the company will take back the 7 Guntas of registered land from the investor or may request the investor to register it to a 3rd party.

For feasible payments, we are accepting 2 payouts to investors every month starts from 6th Month. Once the option is chosen by the investor, it cannot be changed before or after the specified months by the company.

Please clarify all your doubts before investing.

The land will be registered at Royals Farm only. If a customer wants to obtain land in other projects, they may receive land less than this because the rates may vary. No DTCP/HMDA Plots will be Given.

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