Are You Buying Farmland?

When it comes to investing in farmland, strategic decision-making is crucial to ensure a successful venture. Whether you're interested in agricultural production, livestock management, or agro-tourism, understanding how to position your plot of land is paramount. Here are key factors to master before finalizing your farmland purchase:

1. Clear Plot Marking

Following these steps ensures a well-informed, secure farmland investment.

“Smart Farmland Buying Checklist: Clear Boundaries, Access, Orientation, and Measurement”

  1. Boundary Clarity: Ensure clear stone markers for accurate plot boundaries
  2.  Access Assessment: Evaluate road access for smooth operations and customer reach.
  3. Orientation Awareness: Determine plot facing for optimal sunlight and ventilation.
  4. Precise Measurement: Measure plots accurately; clarify if measurements include roads.

2. Road Connectivity to Each Plot

Connectivity Priority: Ensure road access to every plot for convenience.

  1. Road Evaluation: Observe road in front of your plot; note its width.
  2. Mind the Surface: Be aware that many ventures offer gravel roads.
  3. Stay savvy by focusing on road connectivity, observing road specifics, and considering road surfaces.

“Essentials for Farmland Purchase: Plot Connectivity, Road Observation, and Width Awareness”

Most of the Farmland Projects offers gravel Roads only. 

3. Check for Boundaries in Sale deed

“Vital Precautions Before Plot Booking: Verify Registrations and Property Details”

  1. Registration Proof: Prior to plot booking, request evidence of past registrations with other customers. This validates their credibility
  2. Property Schedule Inspection: Scrutinize the Property schedule box. Ensure neighbor plot numbers and road specifications are explicitly stated in all directions.

Remember, absence of plot numbers is a red flag indicating potential deception. Safeguard your interests through careful scrutiny.

4. Install a Protective Fence Around Your Plot

“Post-Registration Care: Secure Your Plot with Fencing and Ownership Board”

After registration, ensure your plot’s safety. Install a fence and place an ownership board. If a project hesitates, consider avoiding them; this safeguards your plot despite the extra effort and cost.”

“Adapting to Project Constraints: Use Stones and Boards to Define Your Plot”

For challenging projects, if fencing is impractical, use additional stones to mark your plot perimeter. Attach a clear ownership board to ensure your plot’s identification and protection.”

4. Water Availability & Soil Fertility

Water Availability:

Adequate and reliable water sources are the lifeblood of any successful farm. Ensure the farm plot has access to sufficient, dependable water for your crops or livestock. Assess the reliability and seasonal availability of water sources on the property, such as wells, rivers, or irrigation systems. Adequate water supply is vital to sustain your farm and maximize productivity.

“Soil Fertility: The fertility of the soil directly impacts crop yield and quality.

In evaluating a farm plot for potential cultivation, a crucial step involves assessing soil fertility to determine its suitability for planting sandalwood or alternative crops. Observing the surrounding environment and any prior cultivation can provide valuable insights into the land’s history and its potential for successful farming endeavors.

"Seamless Plot Purchase: Choose Confidence, Buy with Us"

Here, We Offer

Plot Number in Sale deed

We mention Plot numbers asper layout in Sale deed at Boundaries. No Plot Numbers, You are cheated

Install Fencing around your plot

Nature Lifespace allows plot owners to install fencing around their plot,

Registration After Plot marking

At Nature Lifespace, our registration process entails physically marking plots using stones as part of procedure.

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